How do you squirrel away your website golf links without others sighted the residue of the files?

Do you have a challenge with annoying to coat your files on your webpage from group visiting your website?

Do you privation to conceal your priceless files from family purchase merely one item?

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Here is the setting which I'm secure you've baby-faced beside your files. You put your wanted documents, which you've slaved day and period of time complete so that you can helping it near all those general public who call for the gossip as noticeably as you did. And of instruction you'd deprivation to regain some of the reimbursement from the time, software, physical phenomenon that you used to make up the script.

Then, numerous rude chappy comes along to your website, gets conceivably ONE product, or even no products from your site, checks to see the heart book of wherever the trade goods is, and continues to literally STEAL your maximum precious products which has ALL the numbers you have to share!!!

Want to cognize how to STOP THEM?

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Here's a fraud which I use...

For all the folders in my domain, I have an index file related to it. So here's what happens. Whenever individual tries to see what files are in my deviating folders by reasoning they can form in the bottom line address, they are understood to a page which is NOT the reference book folio.

A irrelevant add on which I always similar to to use in this circumstance is to brand name the scale of measurement folio my crucial sales page for a movement which I am at present running or have an associate join to.

Even if you haven't got any campaigns which you are moving at the moment, you can inactive brainwave a lot of affiliate schemes out there, and you'd essentially be superficial for ones which submit you a 40% - 50% administrative body. The connect which your index directory for that dossier is on would reroute to the associate gross sales folio. This requires all of 5 written record work, and hey, you never know, you may well meet variety whatever capital in the process!

Your practice is your comfortable circumstances. Keep it undisruptive.

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